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30 Jul 2021

Podcast by Pierre Lindh #61 – Julian Buhagiar, Co-Founder, RB-Capital

Julian Buhagiar
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Pierre Lindh
Co-Founder | Managing Director

Originally spawning from an iGaming career that started at the age of 17 during the early days of the online poker boom, Pierre Co-founded the event management company Ambassadör Events in 2013. The company specialises in B2B & B2C event concepts targeting the gaming sector with more than 600 successful projects behind them for most of the major organisations within the industry. In 2016, Pierre Co-Founded the primary award show of the gaming industry, iGaming IDOL followed by the content driven conference, iGaming NEXT in 2018.

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???? Topic: What will Malta’s greylisting mean to the local iGaming industry?

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In this Podcast we cover:
???? 00:00 – Welcome back Julian Buhagiar
???? 00:39 – Discussing the hot topic of Malta being greylisted
???? 01:09 – The shock of the result
???? 02:11 – Malta and Romania the first European countries to make it on the greylist
???? 02:31 – Who are the FATF?
???? 03:09 – The colours of the FATF list
???? 04:42 – The optics for the companies working in Malta
???? 06:40 – Are the Maltese companies prepared for this?
???? 07:45 – How will the tier 1 iGaming companies be impacted?
???? 09:48 – How long will Malta stay on the greylist and how does it compare to Iceland’s 2019 case?
???? 12:33 – Is Malta a questionable jurisdiction due to certain industries?
???? 13:17 – Reasons why Malta has been greylisted
???? 15:43 – The G7 has affected Malta?
???? 16:30 – John McAfee was found dead the day after his Keynote speech at blockchain conference
???? 17:27 – Speculating on the effects this will have on Maltese iGaming companies
???? 18:41 – New companies will be affected
???? 19:05 – In the long term even established iGaming companies will be affected
???? 19:44 – Greylisting has devalued both MGA and MFSA, through no fault of their own
???? 21:08 – Gaming companies might consider moving
???? 22:23 – Is being greylisted a potential ESG issue for the public listed companies?
???? 23:25 – Once the good companies leave what will be left behind?
???? 24:40 – What will it take for Malta to get back on the white list?
???? 28:08 – Any positivity that can come out of this?
???? 30:13 – Closing off

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