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06 Jun 2021

Podcast by Pierre Lindh #55 – Alexandre Tomic, Founder and CEO, Alea

Alexandre Tomic
Founder and CEO
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Pierre Lindh
Co-Founder | Managing Director

Originally spawning from an iGaming career that started at the age of 17 during the early days of the online poker boom, Pierre Co-founded the event management company Ambassadör Events in 2013. The company specialises in B2B & B2C event concepts targeting the gaming sector with more than 600 successful projects behind them for most of the major organisations within the industry. In 2016, Pierre Co-Founded the primary award show of the gaming industry, iGaming IDOL followed by the content driven conference, iGaming NEXT in 2018.

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???? Topic: Can the iGaming industry find a purpose?

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????Alexandre Tomic is co-founder of ALEA, the multi-award-winning creator of innovative gaming experiences. Tomic is well-known within our industry, having over ten years of experience in varying aspects ranging from affiliate network owner to casino operator. He and his partner at ALEA, Charles Gross, are familiar friendly faces at many conferences and shows. Their passion for the industry is matched by their drive for innovative products and ideas. Alexandre himself is a Biohacking and VR enthusiast and is committed to promote social responsibility among operators and create awareness about the societal impact of the gambling industry.

In this podcast we cover:
???? 00:00 – Introduction
???? 01:25 – Living in Malta
???? 04:58 – A generation that experienced war
???? 07:06 – Talking about Igor Samardziski
???? 08:56 – Exit coefficient
???? 10:51 – Collusion and exploitation
???? 21:05 – Hiding the money in the table
???? 25:15 – SolarWinds Hack and data protection
???? 33:47 – GetBalance API
???? 36:58 – Can the operator affect the RTP?
???? 39:04 – Blockchain and cryptocurrency
???? 54:57 – Pollution caused by Blockchain and cryptocurrency
???? 1:00:21 – Attributing value to gold and Bitcoin
???? 1:04:30 – Coping with the dematerialisation
???? 1:08:05 – The novel Last Call by Tim Powers
???? 1:10:23 – Gambling from a philosophical point of view
???? 1:17:21 – Discussing Alan Watts
???? 1:19:57 – Actual reality and virtual reality
???? 1:23:41 – The thrill of gambling comes from getting hurt
???? 1:27:25 – Human are programmed to seek volatility
???? 1:33:34 – Making gambling an experience to grow
???? 1:34:57 – Creating uncertainty in poker
???? 1:37:51 – Learning to get over the loss
???? 1:43:58 – Closing off

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