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06 Jun 2021

Podcast by Pierre Lindh #46 – Andy Fahey, Global Esports Lead, PwC

Andy Fahey
Global Esports Lead
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Pierre Lindh
Co-Founder | Managing Director

Originally spawning from an iGaming career that started at the age of 17 during the early days of the online poker boom, Pierre Co-founded the event management company Ambassadör Events in 2013. The company specialises in B2B & B2C event concepts targeting the gaming sector with more than 600 successful projects behind them for most of the major organisations within the industry. In 2016, Pierre Co-Founded the primary award show of the gaming industry, iGaming IDOL followed by the content driven conference, iGaming NEXT in 2018.

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???? Topic: Is Esports a bubble?

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????Andy is PwC’s esports industry leader across their global network. Andy helps organizations navigate through a fast-growing, global, emerging market; providing insights and expertise across a complex ecosystem.

With 19+ years of experience at PwC UK, across a wide range of industries, and leading the global firm’s activity in the esports sector for the last 4 years. Andy built an extensive external network, across teams, leagues, publishers, organizers, platforms, and brands.

Having worked closely with many esports organizations helping them develop strategies to improve global reach, brand awareness, and meet growth targets; as well as help with capital raises.

In this podcast we cover:
???? 00:00 – Introduction
???? 00:27 – Welcome Andy
???? 01:07 – PWC entering the eSports base
???? 02:19 – Andy Fahey 4 year eSport learning curve
???? 04:00 – Pierre’s history in eSports
???? 05:27 – Current eSport prize pool
???? 08:49 – The rise of eSports
???? 09:51 – Exponential growth of eSports
???? 12:42 – eSports and Video Gaming intertwined
???? 16:37 – eSports investor potential
???? 18:01 – Comparing eSports investment to the internet era
???? 19:17 – The eSport community
???? 21:29 – Andy’s view on the future of eSports
???? 22:57 – eSport proof of concept
???? 24:37 – Older investor generation engaging with eSports
???? 29:37 – Can eSport become mainstream?
???? 33:23 – eSports titles and franchise models
???? 35:32 – Comparing eSports and iGaming
???? 36:12 – Threats and opportunities in eSports
???? 38:35 – eSport’s young demographic
???? 39:57 – Leads for the senior generation
???? 40:27 – Closing off

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