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05 Jun 2021

Podcast by Pierre Lindh #42 – Oisin Lunny, Senior Forbes contributor, TEDx speaker (ESG is King!)

Oisin Lunny
Podcast Host, Journalist / Event MC
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Pierre Lindh
Co-Founder | Managing Director

Originally spawning from an iGaming career that started at the age of 17 during the early days of the online poker boom, Pierre Co-founded the event management company AmbassadΓΆr Events in 2013. The company specialises in B2B & B2C event concepts targeting the gaming sector with more than 600 successful projects behind them for most of the major organisations within the industry. In 2016, Pierre Co-Founded the primary award show of the gaming industry, iGaming IDOL followed by the content driven conference, iGaming NEXT in 2018.

Presented by:

???? Topic: “ESG is King” – They will be talking about the importance of ESG in the future for any tech company to be able to survive.

✌️Pierre’s iGaming NEXT Podcast is sponsored by Pragmatic Solutions – Leading iGaming platform technology. For more info, click here: https://bit.ly/3lSy1B5

???? Oisin Lunny is an award-winning marketer, webinar and podcast host, MC, public speaker, virtual event consultant, and journalist. His work has been read over half a million times as a senior contributor to Forbes, The Guardian, and others. Oisin has spoken at over 250 conferences in every corner of the world, including TEDx and six times at SXSW, and he has worked in a series of leading global technology firms over the past 20 years.

In this podcast we cover:
???? 00:00 – Introduction
???? 01:13 – Introducing Oisin Lunny
???? 04:35 – Introducing the topic
???? 05:02 – What is ESG
???? 08:09 – Currently the world is environmentally unsustainable
???? 08:50 – Moving from Ego-system to Eco-system
???? 13:33 – Companies need to increase ESG scores
???? 15:19 – iGaming industry not seen as sustainable
???? 17:12 – ESG becoming central to investment & recruitment
???? 18:01 – Shoutout to Tony Fish
???? 19:57 – Facebook has a low ESG score
???? 23:08 – Consumers question brand values
???? 25:48 – Psychology of gamers
???? 26:33 – Enragement is engagement
???? 29:58 – Comparing social media to iGaming
???? 31:55 – Activists campaigning for data regulation
???? 37:30 – PR campaigns behind climate change
???? 39:58 – Perfect timing for companies to adopt ESG agenda
???? 45:65 – ESG is here to stay
???? 46:17 – Closing off

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