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05 Jun 2021

Podcast by Jesper Kärrbrink #3 – Sergey Portnov, Parimatch, CEO

Jesper Kärrbrink
Sergey Portnov
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???? Topic: Why go west when you can go east?

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???? Sergey became Chief Executive Officer of Parimatch Holding in 2015. He has transformed the Company from a bookmaker trading out of physical stores into an innovative online technology business and internationally recognized lifestyle brand. Sergey has restructured the Company and transformed critical operational and business processes, leading to the Company’s vigorous growth and performance.

As CEO, Sergey’s primary responsibilities at Parimatch include the development and implementation of high-level strategy, managing overall trading operations and resources as well as acting as the contact between the board of directors and the wider business. Under his leadership, Parimatch has become a unified team with shared values of integrity and responsibility.

In this podcast we cover:
???? 00:00 – Introduction
???? 01:03 – Who is Sergey Portnov?
???? 05:28 – Iconic ambassadors
???? 09:40 – Parimatch history
???? 14:00 – Ukraine reregulating
???? 17:24 – Market strategies
???? 23:31 – Expansion plans
???? 26:17 – Sergey’s leadership skills
???? 30:04 – Be truthful to yourself
???? 31:47 – Discussing eSport
???? 36:45 – Predicting iGaming growth
???? 39:50 – Sports streaming lacking mobile functionality
???? 42:53 – Closing off

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