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06 Jun 2021

Podcast by Heidi Lofthus #3 – Alexia Frendo, Kindred Group, HR Lead Malta, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy & Austria

Alexia Frendo
Heidi Lofthus
Project Director, HR Connect
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???? Topic: Diversity and Training – our story

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????Alexia Frendo is an organizational psychologist who has worked in the HR sphere both in Malta and abroad for the past seventeen years. She graduated in psychology from the University of Malta in 2002. In 2005 Alexia completed an academic and practical Masters programme in Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Rome, La Sapienza.

Currently, Alexia is a Lead HR Business Partner within the Kindred Group. She is an accomplished HR professional who works with an international HR Team which enables managers to recruit, train and retain a high performing and motivated workforce.

Alexia provides guidance and leadership to senior managers, paying particular attention to retention. She is also responsible for a number of initiatives that contribute to the Culture and Employee Experience, ensuring that Kindred is the Best Place to Work.

She has been a member of the Malta Association of Work and Organizational Psychology and an HR Committee Member of the Malta Chamber Foundation for a number of years, since April this year she is also forming a part as a member of the MEA Council.

In this podcast we cover:
???? 00:00 – Introduction
???? 00:50 – Welcome to Alexia Frendo
???? 01:38 – Who is Alexia Frendo?
???? 03:30 – Alexia talks work experience
???? 04:07 – Recalling the Unibet times
???? 05:10 – Alexia an HR Connect member
???? 06:22 – Nomination for the MEA Council
???? 07:35 – Discussing diversity within Kindred
???? 10:41 – Difficulties encountered in the process
???? 14:04 – Current size of Kindred
???? 15:18 – Location of people at Kindred
???? 16:24 – How can one be included working remotely?
???? 20:34 – Diversity matters
???? 22:40 – Alexia talks about initiatives taken by Kindred
???? 24:14 – Difficulties in tackling different conversations
???? 25:33 – How did this Kindred culture come about?
???? 26:23 – Difference between equity and equality
???? 27:40 – Exercising equity at Kindred
???? 30:44 – Is there a number of employees/manager?
???? 32:08 – Alexia talks about still getting training
???? 34:14 – Heidi shares personal experience
???? 35:00 – Alexia shares how experiences mould you
???? 36:24 – The importance of mental health
???? 37:13 – Consistent trains at work matters
???? 38:45 – Living by the Kindred values
???? 40:13 – Do culture differences impact values?
???? 41:18 – Closing off

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