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06 Jun 2021

Podcast by Heidi Lofthus #2 – Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder, All-in Diversity Project

Heidi Lofthus
Project Director, HR Connect
Kelly Kehn
Presented by:

???? Topic: Women in the workplace and the myths we still believe

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????An MBA graduate of NYU’s Stern School of Business, Kelly Kehn has been in iGaming senior management since 2012. She’s led teams and brands through regulatory changes, migrations and rebrands as well as held leadership roles in marketing, operations, management and sales in the US, Canada and the UK. She has extensive experience in digital marketing and management, business and product development, commercial strategy, loyalty and eCommerce strategy.

Kelly is deeply passionate about the Betting and iGaming industry and believes her work with All-in Diversity Project will lead to better products, top talent across the workforce, a new inclusive culture for gaming and in turn, a better industry image.

In this podcast we cover:
???? 00:00 – Introduction
???? 01:16 – Introducing Kelly Kehn and All-in Diversity Project
???? 01:27 – Topic for this podcast
???? 02:20 – Are there enough women in the workplace?
???? 03:48 – Equality in the iGaming sector
???? 07:15 – Female leaders and founders in iGaming
???? 09:26 – Does gender affect women in iGaming?
???? 13:37 – Are women raised to endure challenges?
???? 15:47 – Expectations from men vs women
???? 21:57 – Balancing between home and work
???? 25:55 – Maternity/parental leaves
???? 26:48 – Gender balance and pay gaps
???? 29:51 – Advocates for minimizing salary gaps
???? 33:04 – Promoting women’s success
???? 35:44 – Industries leading in equality
???? 41:33 – Natural adoption of equality
???? 43:24 – Working from home and domestic violence
???? 45:57 – Discussion on mental health
???? 51:16 – All-in Diversity Project’s next survey
???? 54:03 – Closing off

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