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05 Jun 2021

iGaming NEXT: Podcast by Karolina Pelc #1 – Ulrik Bengtsson, WilliamHILL, Chief Executive Officer

Karolina Pelc
Gaming Consultant, Founder and CEO
Ulrik Bengtsson
Chief Executive Officer
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???? Topic: Podcast by Karolina Pelc #1 – Ulrik Bengtsson, WilliamHILL, Chief Executive Officer

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???? Ulrik Bengtsson was appointed CEO of WilliamHILL on 30 September 2019, having been appointed CEO Designate on 5 September 2019.
He had joined the Group as Chief Digital Officer and a member of the Group Executive Committee in April 2018. Ulrik was previously President and Chief Executive of Betsson Group, the Stockholm listed betting and gaming company that operates via gaming licences in 11 countries across Europe and Central Asia, until stepping down in September 2017. Ulrik has a B.Comm. from Dalhousie University in Canada, where he also played varsity ice-hockey. He is a fan of Chelsea FC.

In this podcast we cover:
???? 00:00 – Introduction
???? 00:22 – Introducing Ulrik Bengtsson
???? 01:25 – How has WilliamHILL dealt with the pandemic challenges?
???? 04:34 – WilliamHILL secure in their industry amidst the pandemic
???? 05:37 – Ulrik advises on how to remain calm and composed in difficult situations
???? 08:26 – How WilliamHILL protected the livelihood of their staff
???? 09:58 – WilliamHILL’s gaming launch to the US product was huge
???? 10:58 – Working from home while maintaining excellent service level
???? 11:49 – The pandemic strengthened the collaboration and team spirit
???? 12:07 – Dealing with remote working
???? 14:52 – The importance of regulations surrounding the black-market operators
???? 20:28 – Habit-forming & productivity
???? 22:30 – Closing off

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